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23 June 2010 - Adrian on national BBC Radio 2 The Jeremy Vine Show - fielding questions about how to live a life paying very little VAT.

14 May 2010 - New Chancellor - New Tax rules? - Adrian's article in the Belfast Telegraph. Read it here.

19 March 2010 - Adrian's video aimed at doctors and dentists.  HMRC had a tax amnesty specially for them - registration closed 31 March 2010. We handled the registration and all the sums and forms for medics - submission deadline 30 June 2010.  Click here to view

Fri 26 Feb 2010 - Adrian on the BBC TV news
- click here- a landmark tax case today resulted in a Dungannon couple being jailed for tax offences.  Gerry Small was jailed for 3.5 years and his wife Mary Small for 2.5 years - leaving three children aged 10, 16 and 18 without a parent around. They also have to pay £4 million for the tax they evaded and the interest on it. Adrian Huston was interviewed for the BBC and UTV news.

Mr Justice Hart said the case is by far the largest to come before the Crown Court in Northern Ireland.

Adrian Huston commented "Gerry Small's 3.5 year sentence is the longest custodial sentence handled down in Northern Ireland for tax offences in living memory. If only the Smalls had come forward to the Revenue, rather than waiting to be caught, they would not be in jail today.  They would have still paid a fortune to HMRC but they would be home with their children tonight."

31 Jan 2010 - bit of fun - Mo - a drama about the life of Mo Mowlam MP - Adrian played a small part as an extra as an Orangeman in Portadown Orange Hall - wearing a sash for the first time! Was broadcast on Channel 4 on 31 January 2010. Friends from the FSB may also recognise Ted Osborne in the 'conference' scene.

27 Nov 2009 - BBC NEWS quotes Adrian Huston in article TAX DEADLINE EXTENDED FOR OFFSHORE SAVINGS - click to view.    Adrian Huston revealed to visitors to this site that he has learned on 27 Nov 2009 that in the first two weeks of December HMRC was sending out a further batch of letters to people they have learned had offshore accounts. The deadline was extended to 4 Jan 2010 to allow more people to confess.

27 Nov 2009 - Belfast Court - tax prosecution - today Gerard Small of Cullenramer Road, Dungannon appeared wearing dark sunglasses in connection with the tax evasion charges to which he pleaded guilty in September 2009.  His counsel told Mr Justice Hart that the legal team was in great difficulty continuing to act. They had discovered in the last week that on 9 Nov 2009 Mr Small had written directly to the Judge. Mr Small had been unable to say who composed the letter or typed it. The judge confirmed the letter had arrived but that he had ordered it to be returned, as he did with a subsequent letter - without reading the contents. It was entirely improper to have written directly to the judge. The counsel said that Mr Small cannot recall the events of the September court date and the circumstances of why his client had pleaded guilty. Counsel were having difficulty getting instructions over Mr Small's desire to change his guilty plea. The case was put back to 22 January 2010 for further medical reports.  The judge commented that he didn't think he had ever seen as many medical reports as in the case of this defendant.
Counsel for Mrs Mary Small - who had pleaded guilty to tax evasion and false accounting then discussed how her case could not be resolved until that of her husband. They may be taking proceedings regarding joint ownership of property. Her case was put back to 22 January 2010. (Sentencing date now 26 Feb 2010)

Outside the court building, in bright sunshine, Gerard Small was seen to remove his sunglasses. Keeping them off he was seen on a mobile phone call and then haranguing a press photographer before going over to speak to his legal team.

Adrian Huston is a published and quoted writer in the media, some related articles being:

26 Nov 2009 - BBC Radio Ulster (Good Morning Ulster c0840hrs) Adrian Huston interviewed by Mark Carruthers about how HMRC has just written to 30,000 people saying they have offshore bank accounts and should consider using the amnesty (official name New Disclosure Opportunity). Listen again on BBC iPlayer choose Thurs 26 November and drag the time marker forward to 2:22:30.

You can see the scary HMRC letter in pdf format by clicking HERE

26 Nov 2009  - Belfast Telegraph - "Who still has money stashed offshore?" - real examples - article by Adrian - Click here

23 Nov 2009 - David Gordon investigations reporter for Belfast Telegraph quotes Adrian in article "Thousands still banking cash offshore" Click here

17 Nov 2009 Belfast Telegraph - Adrian's article Should I confess (to offshore income)? An article about the practical problems of continuing to hide such things Click here

10 Nov 2009 Belfast Telegraph - Last chance to admit your offshore income by Adrian Huston Click Here

June 2007 BBC "Why has tax amnesty fallen flat? Click Here

25 June 2007 InvestorsOffshore.com article  Click Here

3 Feb 2009 Belfast Telegraph article on the 2009 amnesty - by Adrian Huston Click Here

Offical HMRC video about offshore accounts and the 30 November 2009 deadline - click on www.YouTube.com/HustonTV (see HMRC NDO in Favourites)

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